End User Access

ITL Archiving offers the option of end user access so that your employees can have direct access to their archive. With this option, gone are the days where IT administrators have to spend their valuable time trying to find deleted emails and attachments for their users.

ITL Archiving - End User Access

Users can access archived email without tapping the IT team. With ITL Archiving, end users can:

Access Deleted Items

Whether it’s a message deleted from the Inbox or a misplaced attachment, your users have their own portal to their personal archive and can use advanced search tools to locate and recover lost items to their mailbox.

Clean Inboxes

Users can delete without worry because their messages are always backed up. Inboxes can be cleaned out to save storage and give easier access to the messages that are really important.

Launch Specific Searches

The above benefits are delivered efficiently through the power of the ITL Archiving search tool. Searches can be created based on date, subject, sender, recipient, message body content, and attachment name. Extend your search power by adding ‘contains’ and ‘do not contains’ conditions.