Email Backup

Whether using ITL Email or Hosted Exchange, incoming and outgoing email is archived in an end-user accessible location. Employees don’t have to personally save a copy of every message; they can clear out unneeded messages and work more efficiently with the email backup features of ITL Archiving.

ITL Archiving - Email Backup Software

Using ITL Archiving to backup email delivers the following benefits:

Endless Inbox

Employees can delete with confidence. ITL Archiving creates a truly endless inbox where users can delete messages as needed. End-users can recover accidently deleted messages with header information and attachments intact. With unlimited storage and email backup, bloated inboxes and PST files become a thing of the past.


Messages containing important documents, like offers, invoices, contracts, and forms that used to be sent by snail mail or fax are now being sent via email. That means maintaining a searchable email archive is as vital as the paper filing systems of the past. ITL Archiving can search body text, attachments, and more.


Unlike an onsite deployment, dependent on constant expansion of resources to meet growing needs, ITL Archiving grows to accommodate your messaging load with no additional time or expense on your part. With cloud based architecture, the archive storage scales to your needs.